VPhase now provides a whole range of products that are suitable for use in a variety of applications, ranging from regular domestic use to highpower users and light commercial and industrial operations.

Following on from the success of VPhase VX1, the new units; VX2 and VX5, are sleek in design and provide the option to install directly into the meter tails if required. The new units are suitable for both the retrofit and new build markets andcan be supplied with an integrated 6 way or 16
way distribution board. 

VPhase units provide:

  • Savings of up to 12% off electricity bills
  • High specification models for different applications
  • Flexible connection options – meter tail in if required
  • Fast installation
  • Power bar display on VX2 and VX5
  • Options for new build and retrofit
  • Independently tested technology

Product Comparison Table:

Product Range VPhase VX5
The new look VX5 is designed for large homes and small businesses.  It  can manage loads of up to c.43,900 kWh per annum as it is fitted with a high capacity transformer that can handle greater loads.

VPhase VX2
Also recently launched, this is designed for homes and single phase installations of up to c.17,500 kWh per annum.  It is the same style and size as the VX5 and comes with added installation options.

VPhase VX1
Our original unit designed for homes and single phase installations.

Size 299(L) x 225(H) x 116(D) mm 299(L) x 225(H) x 116(D) mm 345(L) x 180(H) x 115(D) mm
Inc 6 way consumer unit 403(L) x 225(H) x 116(D) mm 403(L) x 225(H) x 116(D) mm N/A
Inc 16 way consumer unit 978(L) x 225(H) x 116(D) mm 978(L) x 225(H) x 116(D) mm N/A
Weight 7.6kg 4.6kg 4.55kg
Energy Management Capacity* 43,800 kWh/year 17,500 kWh/year 17,500 kWh/year
Connection Direct to meter or via consumer unit Direct to meter or via consumer unit Via consumer unit
Display Power Bar Power Bar LED

* The typical annual energy consumption of a UK home ranges from 2,100 kWh to 5,100 kWh

Please Note: 6 way and 16 way distribution boards come with bus bar, a cable kit and a 100amp incoming MK isolator.

Supportive Documents:

Product Flyer
VX1 Technical Specification
VX2Technical Specification
VX5 Technical Specification
VX1 Ouput Adjustment
VX2 & VX5 Output Adjustment
VX1 Installation Manual
VX2 & 5 Installation Manual

More documentation can be found here

Frequently Asked Questions

We realise the VPhase device is a technical product,but to help you understand more about it and the features you can benefit from – read our Frequently Asked Questions, HERE

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