Key Dates

Forecast Key Dates
Event Download Event Date
Next AGM Outlook reminder 26/05/14 (S)
Next annual report due Outlook reminder 23/04/14 (S)
Next prelim announcement Outlook reminder 25/03/14 (S)
Next year end (to be reported) Outlook reminder 31/12/13
Previous Key Dates
Event Event Date
Next Interim announcement 24/09/13 (S)
Caution date 20/06/13
Last AGM 24/05/13
Last annual report 23/04/13
Last prelim announcement 25/03/13
Next interim management statement 14/01/11
Last year end 31/12/12
Last interim announcement 24/09/12
Last interim period end 30/06/12
Estimated date automatically generated from last year's event
Confirmed date
Approximate date

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