Making Your Christmas Greener

Christmas is often known as the season for giving and over-indulgence. Spending and consuming excess amounts at this time of year cannot only have a negative impact on our bank balances but can have a lasting effect on the environment as well.

During the festive period energy used within our homes can dramatically increase as we decorate our homes with Christmas lights and generate added waste through excess gift packaging.

This year have a low carbon, eco friendly Christmas by following our 12 days of a Greener Christmas that can help you save money, reduce your carbon footprint and have more of a sustainable festive break whilst still enjoying Christmas to the full.

Day 1: LED Christmas Lights

Consider upgrading your incandescent Christmas lights to more efficient LED lights. Not only are they more durable than conventional ones, lasting up to 10 times longer, but they will also contribute towards reducing your energy consumption by 90% helping you to save money off your electricity bill. You can buy a rope of 120 red LED lights for £24.95 from


Day 2: Briquette Maker

Recycle unwanted packaging, ribbons and wrapping paper and make it into a natural and effective alternative to charcoal. With warm fires known to bring festive cheer the briquette maker will enable you to recycle your Christmas waste paper into energy saving fuel whilst saving on heating costs. Search for the various kinds of briquette makers at . 


Day 3: Upgrading Home Appliances

Home appliances account for a significant chunk of your household CO2 emissions so take advantage of the sales this Christmas and treat yourself by upgrading to Energy Saving Trust Recommended home appliances. Browse the most energy efficient appliances that will cost less to run and will help lower your CO2 emissions by visiting


Day 4: Home Insulation

As winters sets in and the cold snap continues keep your house warm this winter by investing in home insulation. Around half of heat lost in a typical home is through the walls and loft insulation can save you money and make your home warmer and more comfortable throughout Christmas and into the New Year. To learn more about how you can benefit from home insulation visit the Energy Saving Trust's website.


Day 5: Generate Your Own Electricity

Investing in renewable energy technologies like solar panels and wind turbines this Christmas will not only help reduce your CO2 emissions but will also be an added financial benefit for the coming year. With fuel prices steadily rising and everyone feeling the pinch after Christmas renewable energy technologies are a great investment that have the potential to provide money for energy through the new Feed-in Tariff Scheme (FIT). To find out more about the Feed-in Tariff Scheme please visit

Day 6: Turning Down your Thermostat

With your pockets feeling the strain over Christmas and energy bills on the increase turning your thermostat down by 1oC could simply save you around £55 a year. Why not check out the Energy Saving Trust's simple video on .

Day 7: Plug-in Energy Meter

An energy meter can be a simple but practical stocking filler this Christmas. Find out how much energy your various electrical appliances consume as well as what the overall incoming voltage level to your property is and see whether you would benefit from having a VPhase installed in your home. Why not check out our Incoming Voltage Chart.

Day 8: Re-chargeable Batteries

With all the new gifts and toys received at Christmas families can get through a lot of batteries. Batteries contain toxic chemicals, don't degrade and our difficult to recycle so why not switch to re-chargeable batteries as a greener alternative ranging from £12.48 from or B&Q stores.

Day 9: Home Electronics

The latest gadgets and gizmos are always part of everybody's Christmas wish list; however, all that Christmas entertainment could increase your electricity bill so make sure that they are energy efficient and have the Energy Saving Trust Recommended logo

Day 10: Switching Off

Leaving appliances plugged in and switched on at the socket means they're still using energy - so turning your TVs, games consoles and mobile phone charges off at the mains over Christmas and New Year will help you save money off your electricity bills. For more information on switching off your appliances visit Act on CO2 Governmental website. 

Day 11: Domestic Voltage Optimisation

Install a VPhase unit this Christmas and reduce your incoming voltage to help save you around 10% off your electricity bills every year. Approximately £250 installed by a qualified electrician next to your fuse box it will be a great green Christmas present to give. It's fairly simple; fit, forget and save instantly! Find out more by clicking HERE

Day 12: Savings Calculators

Finally, after all the energy efficient changes that you have made to your lifestyle and to your home why not calculate how much you have saved to the run up to Christmas by using the various Savings Calculators available online:

1. Voltage Optimisation Savings Calculator
Use our savings calculator to work out approximate savings with domestic voltage optimisation for your particular household and then see how this compares to other energy saving and renewable energy technologies.

2. Home Energy Check
Give your home a check up by using the Energy Saving Trust's Home Energy Check calculator and save around £250 a year.

3. Act on CO2 Calculator
Find out how much CO2 you create and get a personalised action plan to reduce your carbon footprint. 

4. Energy Saving Checklist
This simple tool will show you how much CO2 and money you can save by taking some simple energy saving measures.

5. Loft Insulation Calculator
This handy tool will help you calculate how much loft insulation you will need to make your home more energy efficient.

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