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VPhase, the domestic energy efficiency technology company has introduced two new devices to its Voltage Optimisation product range. The VX2 (2kW) and VX5 (5kW) Voltage Optimisation devices will widen the appeal for the company’s Voltage Optimisation device, beyond the low-cost introductory model, the VX1. The new devices were announced in the company’s preliminary results statement on the 19th March 2012.

The new Voltage Optimisation devices offer installers increased added value, as they’re quicker and easier to install than the existing unit. They also offer greater flexibility, in that they are modular units that can be installed directly in between the meter and the consumer unit, or can have selected circuits passed through to only optimise relevant circuits within a home.

As the VX5 is higher rated, it will also appeal to small commercial, office and light industrial businesses – especially those with a high concentration of lighting and refrigeration, from which the greatest savings can typically be achieved with voltage optimisation.

The new units are likely to appeal strongly to both the retrofit and new build markets, as their modularity also allows for the inclusion of integrated 6 way or 16 way distribution boards – a first in this sector.

Sales of the VX1 increased by 65% in 2011 as Voltage Optimisation technology becomes more readily accepted. With typical installations saving up to 12% off annual electricity bills, whilst also reducing carbon emissions by c4.5 tonnes over the product’s 25+ year lifespan there is increasing demand for this technology in both public and private sector housing throughout the UK.

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