Case Study: Great Places Housing Group

VPhase completed its social housing trial with Great Places Housing Group and published its results in July 2010. The trial, which took place between February and May 2010, saw the low-cost VPhase Voltage Optimisation unit installed in a number of tenants’ homes to monitor its ease of installation as well as independently measure its energy and carbon saving capability.

Tenants involved in the trial were able to benefit from the immediate and significant money and energy savings the product delivers, without having to change their behaviour or electricity supplier. Importantly the VPhase unit is a simple solution to deliver a significant proportion (typically around one third) of many housing association’s overall CO2 reduction targets.

Trial units were fitted in properties that represented the majority of Great Places housing stock. 


The results were independently analysed by energy experts EA Technology. Key features of the trial results: 

Average electrical energy saving of 8.7% (range 8.5% to 8.9%)

Average yearly CO2 savings of 183kg (range 160kg to 199kg)

Estimated average whole house CO2 reduction 3.6% (range 3.5% to 3.7%)


Matthew Harrison, deputy chief executive and director of development at Great Places Housing Group commented:
These results are very encouraging and we will now look at the viability of installing VPhase units in more of our houses.”

After fitting a VPhase an electrician commented:
The size of the unit and the straightforward setup meant it was quick and easy to install”. 

To view the full report please click HERE 
To view the press release please click HERE 

UPDATE JULY 2011: VPhase is now specified in all rewires and new builds at Great Places Housing Group (see HERE)

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