As the market leader in the domestic Voltage Optimisation arena, VPhase is actively championing the adoption of Voltage Optimisation across a variety of sectors. One of the major challenges with introducing new technology concepts is education and raising awareness and that's why the partnerships and memberships detailed below will be critical.

VPhase is the top ranked Voltage Optimisation supplier within the PfH and Fusion21 framework for supply of energy saving technologies to the social housing organisations that make up the framework's membership. With over 700 members, representing 3.2 million homes in the UK, putting forward Voltage Optimisation technology to this audience is seen as a critical step in the adoption process.

If you represent a social housing organisation and would like to find out more about the PfH framework please contact your regional sales manager. North: Neil Morris ; South: Adrian Fishley


VPhase is a Principal Corporate Sponsor of SHIFT (Sustainable Homes Index for Tomorrow). SHIFT members commit to independent assessment, peer to peer learning and continual improvement. Members benefit from a UK wide support network with access to expertise and guidance. As a body, SHIFT members represent over one million homes and have substantial influence in the housing sector. 


VPhase has become a member of the UK Green Building Council. The UK Green Building Council is a membership organisation that campaigns for a sustainable built environment, one which benefits people, business and the planet. UK-GBC works with policy-makers and industry to overcome barriers to sustainability in the sector. VPhase firmly believes domestic Voltage Optimisation has a key role to play in meeting these goals.

VPhase has joined The EIC to assist with its lobbying activities. The EIC was launched in 1995 to provide environmental technology equipment and services suppliers with a strong and effective voice to influence the debate on the future of the industry among policymakers in Westminster, Whitehall and Brussels. It aims to promote constructive co-operation between the regulated, the regulators and the UK's environmental technology suppliers who serve them. Over 240 companies are members of the EIC and the number is growing rapidly.

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We realise the VPhase device is a technical product,but to help you understand more about it and the features you can benefit from – read our Frequently Asked Questions, HERE

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