VPhase and 3 phase voltage optimisation

An often asked question about the VPhase Voltage Optimisation device is whether it can be installed into commercial and industrial settings. The quick answer is that yes, it can, but it all depends on the loads being put through the device.

The VPhase unit is a single phase Voltage Optimisation device primarily designed for domestic properties, but can be used in small commercial and retail settings, with selected loads being put through the unit. We know of cases where the VPhase unit has been installed into offices and small retail premises and being restricted to just optimising specific circuits where the greatest savings can be achieved. This approach still works out to be many times cheaper than introducing a 3 phase commercial Voltage Optimisation device, and delivers genuine energy savings. Please note that 3 phase motors must not be supplied by the VPhase unit.
The VPhase itself is designed to operate at 2kW continuously and in small bursts up to 4.5kW. Prolonged use at the upper end of the operating level, will see the optimised voltage level gradually ramping up to the standard supply level, until it switches into its safety bypass mode. When the load returns to the specified operating levels, the VPhase unit will begin optimising the voltage again.
Even though the VPhase unit is a single phase Voltage Optimisation unit, it is possible to install the device on to a 3 phase supply. In these instances, it is possible to optimise individual circuits on individual phases, or install multiple VPhase units across multiple phases – for example, it may be decided that it is necessary to install an individual VPhase unit on each of the 3 phases of the supply (i.e. 3 VPhase units in total). Whilst this may seem excessive, it’s important to remember that the VPhase units are a fraction of the cost of 3 phase Voltage Optimisation devices, even if installing 3 at the same time. 
If you are unsure whether the VPhase unit is suitable for your property, then you can always call our technical helpline on for more information and assistance.
A non-exhaustive list of known providers of 3 phase Voltage Optimisation devices, in alphabetical order include:

Company Name                     Website

AM Transformers                  http://www.am-transformers.com/products2/voltage-optimization.html

Amber Energy                        http://www.amberenergy.net/EnergyManagement/Home.html

Apollo Enviro                           www.apolloenviro.co.uk



Energy Ace                             

Envido                                    http://www.envido.co.uk

Green And Direct                  

JSC Installations                  

Opti Pro                                  

Power Perfector                     http://www.powerperfector.com/


Powerstar                                www.powerstar.co.uk

Sdc industries                         www.sdcindustries.com

Shields Energy Services       http://www.shields-e.com

Tech Sales Scotland              http://www.tech-salesscotland.com

Wilson Power Solutions        http://www.wilsonpowersolutions.co.uk


Frequently Asked Questions

We realise the VPhase device is a technical product,but to help you understand more about it and the features you can benefit from – read our Frequently Asked Questions, HERE

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