Voltages Lower than 220V

If you have checked your incoming voltage by using a simple energy meter and found that your home receives a lower than average voltage supply (less than 220V) then you might like to consider reducing the output voltage of VPhase below 220V.

If you wish to adjust the default output voltage settings for the VPhase unit please contact your local electrician as this must be undertaken by a competent and qualified electrician. 

The VX1 reduces voltage to a set level of 220V regardless of how high the mains incoming voltage rises (up to a maximum voltage reduction of approximately 30 volts). If the utility supply voltage falls to 220V or below then the VX1 enters bypass mode and stops reducing voltage. In these conditions the VX1 can not boost voltage so the site simply receives the same level of voltage as provided by the utility supply.


Frequently Asked Questions

We realise the VPhase device is a technical product,but to help you understand more about it and the features you can benefit from – read our Frequently Asked Questions, HERE

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