VPhase launch extended warranty

VPhase, the “smart way to cut your energy bills” is delighted to announce that to further support the product, the Company is now offering an extended warranty service whereby consumers who have the units installed can purchase an extra 5 year warranty to supplement the standard 5 year manufacturer’s warranty that all units come with as standard. This low cost option can help provide extra peace of mind and comes about in response to demand from certain sectors of customers.

Despite there being no moving parts in the device and zero servicing or maintenance requirements, some customers are demanding the extended warranty. Now with a total warranty period of 10 years, the VPhase devices offer the lowest cost domestic voltage optimisation solution with the longest warranty period.

Because of the low price point and the proven savings capability (up to 12% off annual electric bills), VPhase voltage optimisation represents the next most effective and affordable technology for the home, after insulation, in terms of both “£ saved per £ spent” and “kg of CO2 saved per £ spent”.

For more information about the extended warranty, please visit the Extended Warranty page or call .

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    We realise the VPhase device is a technical product,but to help you understand more about it and the features you can benefit from – read our Frequently Asked Questions, HERE

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