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We recognise that spreading the word about VPhase and Voltage Optimisation is important and can only be done with the help from you, the trade; that's why we're keen to support you in anyway we can.

Here you will be able to find a range of marketing literature and useful technical documents that will help explain the technology behind the product when discussing projects with your customers. 

If you're a consumer or homeowner and would like more general information about the VPhase and Voltage Optimisation feel free to browse this web site as it's packed full of information about the product and the technology.

Technical Documents

VPhase technical specification (PDF)
VPhase and embedded generation (PDF)
Changing the VPhase output voltage (PDF)
EC Declaration of Conformity VX2 (PDF)
EC Declaration of Conformity VX5 (PDF)

Installation Documents
VPhase installation instructions (PDF)
8 stage step-by-step installation guide (PDF)
VPhase technical training video

Supportive Documents
Consumer Flyer (new Jul 2012) (PDF)
VPhase Trade Flyer (new Jul 2012) (PDF)
Case Studies (PDF)
Typical Energy Savings (PDF)
Solar PV and VPhase (PDF)
Solar case study (PDF)
VPhase and Social Housing (PDF)
VPhase Carbon Footprint case study (PDF)
Energy saving measures comparison (PDF)

Common Question & Answers
VPhase technical FAQ (PDF)
VPhase consumer FAQ (PDF)

OLD VPhase logo (300dpi CMYK JPG)
New VPhase Logo 2012 (JPG)
VPhase photo high-res (JPG)

Connection to a consumer unit diagram (PDF)

VX2 and VX5 Documents
VX2 and VX5 Information (PDF)
Installation Manual (PDF)
Fixing Template VX2/5 (PDF)
Fixing Template with 6way DB (PDF)
Fixing Template with 16way DB (PDF)
VX5 Technical Specification (PDF)
VX2 Technical Specification (PDF)

If you require more supportive literature please let us know by contacting us HERE. We'll be more than happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

We realise the VPhase device is a technical product,but to help you understand more about it and the features you can benefit from – read our Frequently Asked Questions, HERE

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