Installation guide

Installation of the VPhase VX1 must be undertaken by a competent and qualified electrician. Extreme care must be taken when working with any electrical equipment.


This installation guide does not replace the full installation Instructions. Please read the full installation instructions before undertaking installation of the VPhase VX1.


img-install-step1-(1).pngSTEP 1

Survey the premises. The VPhase device is designed to sit above or alongside the consumer unit, therefore, access to and room for the unit needs to be assessed. The suitability of the consumer’s fuse board also needs to be checked, as some early style distribution boards will not be suitable e.g. Wylex Re-Wireable style boards.



img-install-step2-(1).pngSTEP 2

Check the electrical supply and verify the exact use of all circuits. Decide which circuits should be supplied by VPhase.



img-install-step3.pngSTEP 3

Locate the VPhase unit on a suitable surface and secure adequately.



img-install-step4.pngSTEP 4

Install the supply cabling from the distribution board to the VPhase unit and then the return supply back to the distribution board from the VPhase unit.



img-install-step5.pngSTEP 5

Re-configure the protective devices for VPhase and non-VPhase supply. Reconnect all circuit conductors taking care that neutral conductors are connected to the appropriate neutral terminal bars.


img-install-step6.pngSTEP 6

When applicable circuits have been re-configured then essential ‘dead’ testing can be carried out.


img-install-step7.pngSTEP 7

Once the ‘dead’ testing is complete then the VPhase supply is to be energised. When switched on, the unit will carry out a self-test, which is indicated by a permanent green light and a red light, which flashes on and off for a short duration.



img-install-step8.pngSTEP 8

Carry out a voltage check to satisfy the VPhase unit is optimising your voltage supply to 220 volts. You can now complete your test and inspection.



The installation is now complete.

To download the complete guide please clickHERE (pdf)


Frequently Asked Questions

We realise the VPhase device is a technical product,but to help you understand more about it and the features you can benefit from – read our Frequently Asked Questions, HERE

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